PhD Structure

The PhD program is organized into one year and half of courses, and one year and half exclusively devoted to the doctoral thesis. Multidisciplinary interchange with other graduate programs in the PhD schools of Pavia, Lugano or international partners is also encouraged as well as Internship period for Phd Student in collaboration with specific research project proposed by industrial partners.

The PhD students take  courses in Applied Mathematics and Probability, Computer Science, Decision Sciences, Operations Research, and Statistics as the foundation upon which to build a program of original research culminating in a dissertation.

During the first year, PhD students have to attend compulsory courses and pass the exams in a satisfactory way. First year courses aim to provide graduate students with a solid mathematical and probabilistic basis, in-depth methodological knowledge of decision science methods and specialized skills. At the end of the year they have to sit a general exam.

In the first part of the second year, students have to attend also compulsory and optional courses and pass the corresponding exams. The last part of the Ph.D. is devoted to the doctoral thesis, which is the capstone of the PhD degree. It is expected to be an original piece of research of publishable quality.

Lessons start at the beginning of October. Attendance is mandatory. You cannot attend the program by distance learning.