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Basic information on your Residence Permit of Stay (non-EU students).

The Permit of Stay generally lasts one year and must be renewed at least 60 days before it expires.

Non-EU students waiting for renewal of their permit to stay can require a temporary permit to stay (“permesso di soggiorno provvisorio” ) on condition that they have a valid reason for leaving (e.g. participation at conventions, conferences, summer schools, etc.) and that they come back to Italy before the issue of their permit to stay.

PhD students have to go to the police station at least 30 days before the leaving with the following original documents and their copies:

  • receipt issued by Italian Post offices certifying the submission of the application for renewal of permit to stay;
  • expired permit to stay;
  • passport;
  • letter (in Italian) specifying the reasons for requesting the temporary permit issued by the PhD Administrative Assistant and signed by the PhD Director and by the Head of the PhD Administrative Center.